Green Film Series=Giants Rising

COST: [$10]
Organizer: The Marjorie Luke Theatre
Posted by:Kathy Kelley

 A journey into the heart of America’s most iconic forests, GIANTS RISING is a feature length documentary that reveals the secrets and the saga of the coastal redwoods—the tallest and among the oldest living beings on Earth.  It’s an epic tale that explores the wonders of these silent giants, including their ability to kindle our deepest sense of awe and connection.

Living links to the past, redwoods also hold powers that may play a role in our future, including their ability to withstand fire and capture carbon, to offer clues about longevity, and even to enhance our own well-being. How do they do it? And perhaps more importantly, how will redwoods keep working their magic if they’re pushed to their limits?

Through the stories of scientists, artists, Native communities and others, the film illuminates the redwoods’ biological mysteries, our deep cultural ties to them, and the mission to help these majestic forests overcome the legacy of logging that nearly wiped them out. Along the way, we discover lessons about resilience — and the promise of solutions — that will help us ALL face the challenges that lay ahead.

A panel discussion and Q & A will follow the film.

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