Getting Your Organization Ready for Strategic Planning

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Organizer: Center for Nonprofit Leadership
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When creating a strategic plan for your nonprofit, readiness is essential to success. Too often, organizations jump into strategic planning only to learn too late that the Board and staff lack the knowledge, skill sets and capacity to see the process through successfully. The result is often a document that does little to meaningfully guide the future direction and decisions of the organization.

In this workshop, we will examine how an organizational can assess its readiness to begin the strategic planning process. We will explore the key questions nonprofit leaders should ask to assess capacity and capability for moving forward. We will also assess what resources an organization needs to assemble and consider in advance to ensure its planning process delivers on its promise.

Learning Outcomes: Participants in the workshop will learn:

  • The value of an effective strategic plan
  • The key questions Board leaders and staff should examine before embarking on a strategic plan
  • What resources and information is needed to support strategic planning
  • What capacity and skill sets will be required to undertake a strategic planning process

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for nonprofit staff and Board leaders who are looking to formalize their organization’s strategic planning and/or considering the process of updating their outdated strategic plan.

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