For the Love of Music

Organizer: Santa Barbara Choral Society
Posted by:SBCS

Our February concert is like a box of chocolates.

There are pieces you know you like, and then there are those you are curious about.

For the Love of Music is a musical valentine offering a rich assortment of familiar works and hidden delights tucked into a program curated to appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Soothing, ethereal and light as nougat is Morten Lauridsen’s Sure On This Shining Night. Familiar as a creamy caramel—an arrangement by Rollo Dilworth of The Gift To Be Free. And for the flavor of Scottish toffees, our assortment includes Mac Wilberg’s O Whistle And I’ll Come To Ye. And like any good box of candy, there are always unexpected surprises you can’t resist once you try one.

So, who will you treat to our musical valentine? 

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