Eating for Vitality

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Organizer: Rooted Santa Barbara County

Rooted’s June Class has just been announced! Join Dr. Heidi to learn a bit about how the human body detoxifies itself and get some tips and recipes for a summer refresh!

Dr Heidi Lucas ND, FABNO is a naturopathic physician specializing in integrative oncology using nutrition, botanical medicine, and mind body therapies. This is Dr. Heidi’s second class with Rooted, and we’re so happy to welcome her back!

First, we’ll take a look at how our bodies store and remove toxins – through the skin, GI tract, liver, kidney, and lymphatic system. Then, Dr. Heidi will show us ways to support these systems through nutritional choices and culinary herbs, and lead a discussion on the benefits of these recommendations for overall energy, sleep, digestion, and optimal health. Before we wrap up, enjoy a live question and answer session, where you can ask questions via video or chat, whatever makes you most comfortable!

After this class, you’ll know more about your body’s own “detoxification pathways” and how to better support them with nutrition and herbs. Dr. Heidi will also share some special tea recipes and food recommendations to promote vitality starting right from the kitchen!

Rooted SBC believes learning to eat to feel our best is a basic human right, and we work hard to keep our classes free for all! Tickets for this class are free, but as a volunteer-run organization, we rely heavily upon donations. If you’re able to add a donation when you register, your support at every level helps us empower more of our neighbors to take a leading role in their health through whole food plant-based nutrition education and a community of support.

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