Do This, Not That!: Appealing to year-end donors with strategy & creativity

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Organizer: Center for Nonprofit Leadership
Posted by:Brew

As the calendar year end approaches, mailboxes and social media will be filled to the brim with messages seeking financial support. How will you make sure that your organization’s mission, story and call to action stand apart? What is your unique story? Your organization’s emotional hook? How can the activities of your organization and volunteers support the year end appeal?

Attend this hands-on workshop with fundraising experts Steve Willmont and Becca Merrell, and develop the outline of a compelling year end appeal process.  Attendees will explore the annual appeal production cycle, elements of a successful solicitation request, inspiration, appreciation & stewardship activities and how best to position your organization and its mission during the important holiday season.

Attendees are encouraged to bring stories of impact, client testimonials and past year’s outreach efforts.

Level: Intro/Intermediate

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