Contemporary Issues Forum at USSB

COST: [$10]
Organizer: Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara
Posted by:AngieSK

Join USSB’s Contemporary Issues Forum on December 13th to hear from Dr. Joel Rothman, Director and Founder of the Center for Aging and Longevity Studies (CALS) at UC Santa Barbara, will discuss exciting new research discoveries in the biology of aging. He will also prompt us to consider societal and ethical issues that arise from the inevitable, and perhaps profound, extension of human longevity emerging from this science.

Humans are poised at the threshold of remarkable changes in their relationship with time, sparked by extraordinary advances in the science of aging and the discovery that its progression can be dramatically slowed and even reversed. This research holds the promise of improving human experience by extending healthspan, forestalling the onset of age-related disease, and augmenting the vitality of an aging population.

Age-driven maladies, including cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, diabetes, susceptibility to COVID, and many others, may be simultaneously ameliorated simply by slowing the aging clock. In the near future human health might be dramatically improved not through treating many different age-related ailments individually, but by treating only one: aging. And even more startling, recent discoveries have revealed that it may be possible to reverse many aspects of age-related decline. These discoveries are likely to lead to interventions in aging, some of which are currently being tested in humans.

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