Community Education Series: Whole Food Plant-Based Eating and Skin Health

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Organizer: Rooted Santa Barbara County
Join a Santa Barbara area Dermatologist and Plant-Based Chef to learn how what we eat impacts how our skin looks, feels, and ages.

About this event

We hope you’ve been using your sunscreen, but skin health is so much more than sun protection! Join Amit Solway, founder of Naturally On A High, and Dr. Jason Solway, Santa Barbara area Dermatologist, to learn how what we eat impacts how our skin looks and feels, how it ages, and also helps determine whether we develop certain skin conditions throughout life.

Dr. Solway starts with the science: you’ll hear about one of the landmark studies that brought whole food plant-based eating into the medical literature. He’ll also talk about the role certain vitamins and nutrients play in our skin’s health and longevity. His wife, Amit, will share which foods to incorporate into your diet to harness the full power of these vitamins and nutrients, and show us some easy recipes to match! Class participants will also have a chance to ask our plant-based pros questions through chat or video.

You’ll leave this class with a better understanding of how foods affect our complexion and skin condition, how to prepare foods that promote skin health, and the latest science in nutrition and the prevention and reversal of skin aging from the folks that do the research. And, following the presentation, we’ll send attendees an email with links to the recipes, so you can try at home!

Want to learn more about Dr. Solway’s research? Check out this summary of his 2020 research article “Diet and Dermatology: The Role of a Whole-food, Plant-based Diet in Preventing and Reversing Skin Aging—A Review.”

And learn more about Amit on her website for Naturally On A High!

Rooted SBC believes good health and food skills & literacy are a basic human right and we’re working to ensure our classes are low-to-no cost for any community member who needs it. Ticket costs for this class are free but as a volunteer-run organization we rely heavily upon your donations. Want to pay it forward? Add on a donation to help us ensure our programs stay accessible.

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