Charles Montgomery: A UCSB Reads Author Event

COST: [Free]
Organizer: UCSB Arts & Lectures
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Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design

The city you live in has a powerful effect on how you behave. How, then, do we design happy cities? Urban design consultant, award-winning journalist and author of Happy City, Charles Montgomery looks for answers in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics and cityscapes from Disneyland to Dubai. Montgomery launched the world’s first Happy Neighborhood Audit in Mexico City, works with the World Health Organization’s Europe Healthy Cities Network, and collaborates with TIME magazine on an interactive survey exploring happiness in American cities. Discover the link between urban design and our thoughts, feelings and actions as Montgomery demonstrates life-changing relationships with the cities we inhabit. 


Date: Wednesday, May 10

Time: 7:30 pm

Price: Free

Location: Campbell Hall, UCSB, Isla Vista, CA


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