Budgeting 101 for Nonprofits

COST: [CNL members: Free; Non-members: $55]
Organizer: Center for Nonprofit Leadership
Posted by:Brew

Is it time to develop the budget? The process of building and monitoring a budget is fundamental to an organization’s planning and financial oversight.  It results in a useful tool  — one that can be used on an ongoing basis to anticipate problems and provide a baseline against which programmatic and financial performance can be assessed.  In this course we will evaluate how to build a sound budget for managing your organization and explore examples on how this budget tool can be used to deal with multiple programs and multiple funding sources.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to build a budget for sound nonprofit financial management
  • How to utilize your budget to monitor actual performance

Audience: This workshop is great for Executive Directors, fund development professionals, program managers, board members, and anyone else doing budgeting for nonprofit organizations.

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