All Things Oral Health: Tips for Overall Wellness

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Organizer: Rooted Santa Barbara County
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, so we hope you’ll join us to brush up on your oral health!

About this event

All Things Oral Health: Tips for Overall Wellness is for all those with teeth, and will be especially informative for parents with children. You’ll learn about your oral microbiome, saliva, foods to eat/avoid for dental health, the importance of proper chewing, and good oral posture. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions before the end of the class!

About the instructors:

Dr. Daniela Cadavid is a US and internationally trained dental general practitioner in Goleta, and she’s passionate about oral and overall health. Daniela is also a Rooted board member.

Dr. John Feusier is a local, fully ABO board-certified orthodontist specializing in the movement of teeth, occlusion, facial aesthetics, and growth and development of jaws and face. He’s also a Rooted healthcare advisor.

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