AHA! Digital Cleanse Summer 2022

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Camp 1: Sunday, June 19th, 4 pm-Wednesday, June 22nd, 12 noon
Camp 2: Wednesday, June 22nd, 4 pm-Saturday, June 25th, 12 noon

Teens aged 14-19 are invited to spend three device-free days exploring nature and nurture at breathtaking El Capitan Canyon. With guidance and support from skilled AHA! facilitators in a ratio of at least one staff for every four participants, 15 teens per camp will immerse themselves in nature; tune back into their creative spark; connect deeply with one another; and gain support for their unique dreams and expressions in the world. Youth will enjoy horseback riding, nature walks, writing, beach time, theater improv, movement, and art. Healthy relationship skill building will be a theme throughout, with plenty of listening circles and other activities.

Once parent and teen applications are submitted, interested youth & families will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Open to teens in the Santa Barbara area as well as out-of-town applicants. Teens and parents must submit an application and be interviewed in order to be considered.

Apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdO34Djox2CF8hBukhSJkhxO0uREAT4eirRQ9aW4eT5IbUQKQ/viewform

Space is limited. For more information, please contact Melissa at
lowensteinaha@gmail.com. Please inquire about cost. Scholarships are available!

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