ABCs of Board Governance

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Organizer: Center for Nonprofit Leadership
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Successful nonprofits have boards that share a commitment to the organization’s mission and understand and fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Join us for a training to deepen your knowledge of the role board members play in your organization’s success. Gain valuable tools to use in developing and strengthening your board, as well as learning how to support your board’s performance. This workshop is open to all nonprofits wanting to better develop their board of directors. Individuals who are considering board service are also encouraged to attend to learn what is involved in being on a nonprofit board of directors.

Learning objectives:

  • Review the main roles of nonprofit governance
  • Explore the legal duties of a board member
  • Explore current trends in nonprofit board management
  • Reflect on how those roles and duties translate into practice

Audience:  This course is geared toward executive directors, key staff, Board chairs, and Board officers and members  Teams are encouraged to participate as a group.

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