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Project Management, Community Organizing, Lobbying and Advocacy, Crowdfunding Campaigns, Event Fundraiser Planning, Fund Development, Grant Writing, Planned Giving/Endowment Building, Event Planning, Marketing Strategy, Board Development, Board Evaluation, Cultural Compentency, Executive Coaching, Executive Director Evaluation, Evaluation, Facilitation, Fund Development Planning, Meeting & Retreat, Design & Facilitation, Organizational Assessment, Program Development, Program Evaluation, Staff Development, Article & Blog Writing, Grant Writing

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Ariana specializes in creative strategy and initiatives, with 20 years of experience in community organizing, fundraising, organizational strategy, executive coaching, mentorship, media/marketing, strategic planning, management, and operations. With her roots in Santa Barbara, Ariana has also had an extensive non-profit and for-profit career in the San Francisco Bay Area with Earth Island Institute and Cutting Edge Capital. For fun, Ariana led a broad public art program in the San Francisco Bay Area, producing over 80 pieces of public art. Ariana now lives in Goleta and is looking for fun, entrepreneurial projects that need a Katalyst who can manage big picture vision and embrace the details needed to get things done.

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