Activating Equity: Building Countywide Partnerships with Latinx Indigenous Migrant Covid-19 Response Task Force (LIMCRTF)

What does it look like to apply cultural context and an equity lens to pandemic response strategies? What can we learn from the hard work of developing a task force to advocate, engage different voices and expand access to lifesaving resources? 

Early in the pandemic, the California Department of Public Health identified that COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and deaths were disproportionately hurting BIPOC communities. In response, The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department has worked together with community partners to address health inequities exacerbated by racial inequality and language access and truly save lives.

With partnerships via the Latinx Indigenous Migrant COVID-19 Response Task Force (LIMCRTF), Santa Barbara County has been able to help coordinate pandemic resources (testing and vaccines, PPE, disease information, and more) with a focus on contemporarily and historically under-resourced communities. 

During Partnership for Excellence, you’ll hear from Santa Barbara County Public Health Department’s Timothy Watts in conversation with Mixteco Indigena Community Organizing Project’s (MICOP) Ana Huynh, as they share their key lessons in taking on language access as a barrier to care and safety in public COVID communications.
Beyond healthcare, Timothy and Ana will reveal their insights on the spirit of co-governance, building relationships, engaging community input, and tough task force conversations as foundations for desired change. 

Timothy Watts

Health Equity Coordinator
Santa Barbara County Public Health Department

Timothy is proud to be serving in his first year as the Health Equity Coordinator for Santa Barbara County Public Health. He has been steeped in Public Health Work for over 10 years in a variety of community-based settings, including serving four years as a Health Educator in the Community Health Division of the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department.

Prior to his work with Santa Barbara County Public Health, Timothy served as a Tobacco Cessation Program Coordinator with the Department of Health and Environmental Control for the State of South Carolina, overseeing a team of Health Educators for the State’s initiative to help pregnant individuals permanently quit tobacco use. Tim also worked with the American Red Cross’ Preparedness, Health, and Safety Division for over three years, overseeing multiple preparedness education campaigns.

Tim is a proud alum of the University of Georgia, where he received his Master’s Degree in Public Health with a focus on Health Promotion and Behavior. His preferred pronouns are: “He/Him/His”, he enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn daughter, cooking and playing music, and is an avid fan of many Georgia/Atlanta area sports teams.

Ana Huynh

Program Director
Mixteco Indigena Community Organizing Project (MICOP)

Ana has been an active agent for social justice for over 15 years. Ana migrated to the U.S. at an early age and navigated the public education system and society as an undocumented immigrant. As an English-learner and first-generation college student, Ana experienced and overcame obstacles that many members of our community still face today. 

While advocating for her daughter’s right towards equitable education, inclusion of all students and families became a passion that sparked her leadership in the Santa Barbara and Santa Maria communities. Cultural relevance, language access, multilingual/multicultural safe spaces and quality education -with and for indigenous students and families- has been the drive of the committed and hard work, where she thrives. 

Ana continuously creates opportunities to generously share her enthusiasm with others, empowering them to use their voice to speak up and advocate for their needs through dialogue and community building. Enjoying life with her daughter and husband is what Ana loves doing most when you don’t see her out there avidly learning, sharing and creating change.

Registration Deadline: Friday, October 15, 2021

Your participation and perspective are welcomed to help ensure diverse and regional voices from our broad community.

Options for you to participate:

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