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Tell your story. Grow your resources. Expand your ability to serve.

I love efficiency. My perfect day is guiding leaders to use tools and strategies that keep them focused, under budget, communicating effectively, and able to put maximum energy towards their mission. My goal is to increase connections, reduce duplicative work, and organize the human and financial capital of our community to address issues that threaten the health and happiness of each of us and our neighbors. Need to break a complex problem into steps we can take action on? Let’s do it together.

Carrie Randolph
Leading From Within
Michelle is absolutely one of my favorite people to work with. She is one of the most strategic and detailed oriented thinkers I have ever met. She will push your thinking out of your comfort zone and make you think about things you haven't thought of before from big picture to tiny details around execution. She is incredibly detailed oriented, deadline oriented and can process a ton of information. I highly recommend Michelle!
Chelsea Pacino Duffy
Partners in Education
Michelle is an amazing thinker and problem solver. She's logical and practical, while also able to dream big. Her ability to quickly grasp a situation, and then make a solid, thoughtful recommendation is incredible--and I've been lucky enough to witness this in a variety of settings. Most recently, as she helped us map out our system needs in preparation for a major overhaul, she was always able to clearly articulate the pros and cons, as well as the necessary next steps, making our decision making process much easier. But above all, the best part of working with Michelle is her total dedication to making whatever she touches useful and meaningful for whoever the recipients are. You can always trust that that whatever work you do with Michelle will ultimately make everyone better off.
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