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Lisa Braithwaite offers public speaking coaching to individuals and group training to organizations to help them create stronger and more effective presentations, so they can better spread the word about the work they do and their value to the community. Strong messaging, a clear “big why,” audience engagement, and compelling results are key to maximum community support.

Laura Devitt
Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation
"Right away, I could tell that Lisa understood the nonprofit world and would be able to interact with, teach and support a group of volunteers from a medical nonprofit organization. Lisa took the time to understand our organization as well as come up with a training that would meet our needs. During the training, Lisa delivered a presentation that was engaging and interesting. I was impressed that her presentation also included multiple examples specific to our organization, showing that she took the time to further research our organization and was sincerely interested in connecting with her audience. Most importantly, her training offered ample opportunity for those in attendance to practice their new skills. Lisa provided helpful feedback and support to attendees during the practice portion of her training. Speakers of all levels can learn and benefit from Lisa’s style, teaching and coaching.”
Cathie Ortiz
Lived Experience Advocacy Development Project, T-MHA
Development Project, T-MHA “Although this wasn’t my first training, it was definitely the best!! I came out much more confident! I love telling my personal story of recovery and perseverance. Thanks Lisa Braithwaite!!”
Leeana McNeilley
Help Unlimited
“Lisa Braithwaite, because of her enthusiasm and passion for coaching, makes her public speaking classes fun and engaging. But more importantly, her passion for her subject and life in general infects everyone in her classes, resulting in entertaining and engaging teaching experiences that help her students strip away the self conscious mannerisms that can be a speaker’s worst enemies.”
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