Catelynn Kenner Consulting Collective
Owner/Principal Consultant
Project Management, Research, Evaluation, Organizational Assessment, Program Development, Program Evaluation

Catelynn Kenner Consulting Collective is an integrity-first consulting firm based along the California Central Coast. Consultants share backgrounds in public health, healthcare, and the nonprofit sector with particular expertise in sexual and reproductive health and maternal and child health. We work with public health, healthcare, academic, nonprofit, and business entities with international reach. 

We understand that budget, expertise, and timing don’t always align to pull off projects that typically go beyond the scope of daily activities; moreover, sometimes an unbiased, external pair of eyes can provide fresh insights. That is where CKCC comes in. We are designed to collaborate with organizations to elevate your work so that you can focus on your mission and daily operations. Our goal is to deliver “nice-to-have” projects on time and on budget while alleviating organizational stress and workload. 

We support endeavors related to research (think: coalition-led community needs and assets assessments, regulatory guidance, P&P development), organizational assessments (evaluation of an organization, department, program, or curriculum), and health education and professional trainings (curriculum and program development, facilitation).

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