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Your organization is unique. Your employees have different needs and want a benefit program that reflects that fact. BB&H Benefit Designs is here to help. Founded in 1997, our firm specializes in assisting companies like yours with the design, negotiation, implementation and servicing of plans that achieve your objectives and goals.

BB&H consultants have the expertise to assist you with all lines of employee benefit plans. We employ specialists dedicated to creating distinctive health and pension plans. Our staff works directly with you to find the right balance of benefits and cost, while taking into consideration the life stages of your employees.

We provide assistance with the following Employee Benefit Programs:
◦Medical / Dental / Vision
◦Life and AD&D insurance
◦Short & Long Term Disability
◦Long Term Care Insurance
◦Voluntary Plans

Donna Barranco Fisher
Storyteller Children’s Center
I would highly recommend BB&H. As an Executive Director of a small non-profit, we often wear many hats. I feel as though BB&H is an extension of my team. Anything that has to do with benefits (and there are many confusing areas) are handled quickly and efficiently. If I have a question, I receive an answer and solution in a timely response. BB&H's customer service is phenomenal. They go out of their way to make navigating benefits "do-able."
Rosalind Gilbert
Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics
What BB&H offers that our former brokers did not: • Easy access to the staff of BB&H. • I have a dedicated agent that works with mean and she is prompt in answering questions and returning calls and emails. • Reconciling invoices and ensuring that terminated employees have been removed. This was extremely helpful and assisted in reducing time that I was spending on this task. • Presenting new products that showed success with other employers such as FSA, Voluntary Accident and Critical Illness policies. • The one major enhancement with BB&H was the introduction of Employee Navigator (Online Benefits Administration System). This was a time saver and reduced the number of mistakes of not removing terminated employees from coverage.
Maureen Sullivan
The Glendon Association
When we met with Andrea, she gave us new, cost-saving options that we had never even known about. We decided to go with BB&H and started saving money right away. BB&H also has incredible customer service. They are always happy to help with communications between myself, as the Benefits Administrator, and the various insurance carriers. They relieve us of tedious, time-consuming insurance issues, so that we have more time to devote to the life-enhancing work we do as a mental health non-profit. I would recommend BB&H to ANY business, big or small, because contracting with them has proven to be one of the best business decisions we have ever made.
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