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Foundation Conversation: Outhwaite Foundation

Welcome back to the blog column of the Grant Center in which we talk with foundation leaders to get some detailed information about their values, practices, and viewpoints. Please email us at if you have specific questions you would like us to ask a funder. A conversation with John Poucher, Trustee, and Tori Moray, […]

How to Be an LOI Hero

Securing funds for your non-profit’s crucial mission is challenging and rewarding.  The work of a grant-writer is behind the scenes, making you one of the unsung heroes of the non-profit world. If winning a grant for your agency is a hero’s journey, then the first step of the journey is often an LOI (letter of […]

Grant Center Update: A Conversation With Pam Lewis, Chief Operating Officer Hutton Parker Foundation

Hutton Parker Foundation strives to provide organizational sustainability to community-based nonprofit organizations throughout Santa Barbara County and to assist agencies in achieving their highest level of performance and delivery of services resulting in stronger, more efficient communities for all. The Foundation specializes in providing quality office space for local area nonprofit organizations through the acquisition […]