World Oceans Day Ventura Coming June 7

The ocean is the heart and soul of Ventura. When the whole world celebrates the ocean, we need to be right there with it. For the first time ever, Ventura is participating in World Oceans Day. This free, laid-back event is the perfect way for families to kick off the summer. Attendees will get to hear live music, learn about local efforts to protect the ocean, and hear from female ocean conservation leaders, all while soaking up the warm Venturan sun.

Local ocean advocate Dr. Sarah Otterstrom says “Ventura is a coastal destination and has long shown concern and stewardship for the Pacific Ocean. It is time that it join the global movement around ocean conservation by celebrating this day.”

The festivities will take place on Friday, June 7 from 2-6pm at Harbor Cove Beach, 1950 Spinnaker Drive, Ventura. Included in the afternoon will be ocean-oriented nonprofit and community booths, food and drinks, and games and activities for kids. The whole event will be solar powered.

The featured speaker will be ocean hero Peggy Oki, a surfer and skater from the original Z-Boys skating group. Today, she is an activist for the conservation of whales and dolphins, and helps spread awareness through art exhibits and her Origami Whales Project.

Following these speakers will be a live panel of local female ocean scientists and advocates. Included will be Rosanna Garrison of Whale Wars, Dr. Sarah Otterstrom of Paso Pacifico, and Dr. Andrea Neal of the Ojai Island Foundation.

The vibes of the event will be set by live music from two acts: Cali Conscious, a California reggae band that embodies activism and positivity with its music, and Conner Muir of the Sea Keepers, an avid surfer who loves playing his ocean-inspired songs for good causes.

On the following day, June 8, the celebration will be continued by a beach cleanup organized by the Ventura Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation at Surfers’ Point and Ventura Pier from 9-11am. The clean-up will be a fantastic way for people to show their support for the oceans.

The organization of World Oceans Day Ventura is headed by Paso Pacifico, along with their partners the Ojai Island Foundation, the Surfrider Foundation’s Ventura County Chapter, March for the Ocean, and the official platform for World Oceans Day.

About Paso Pacifico:

Paso Pacifico is a local conservation company that aims to restore and protect the endangered dry tropical forest and coastal ecosystems of Mesoamerica’s Pacific Slope. Its innovative approach protects biodiversity where people already live. By working with local communities, landowners, and partner organizations, Paso Pacifico restores and protects the habitats that form building blocks for wildlife corridors.

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