Workshops for the Human Spirit: Art Classes for Difficult Times. Beginning September 30th.

Cor Art Classes

Workshops for the Human Spirit
Cor: noun, Latin.  1.(anatomy) heart.  2.(figurative) soul, mind.
Classes begin September 30.

The Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative is offering in this third pilot of an arts residency teaching program a response to the difficulty of the last few months. These classes offer a place to feel human in a surreal time. They are an opportunity to renew, to refresh, to process, to feel some playfulness and freedom, and to learn skills helpful in these changing times.

Classes will take place online, or in some cases outdoors in small groups. Thanks to generous support from the Eichholz Foundation and Dana White, class fees are discounted for all, and scholarships are also available.

This program is set up with working adults in mind, especially in the service and helping professions. Medical professionals, teachers, nonprofit employees, bus drivers, social workers, firefighters, daycare workers, restaurant servers, and others in all walks of life. But these classes are really for all of us. We are all going through this.

Find out more, sign up for a class, apply for a scholarship, at​​​
Special thanks to the Eichholz Foundation and to Dana White for their support to develop this program and provide scholarship funds. 

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