What’s Not Being Said: Learning to Read and Manage Nonverbal Communications

Jennifer Freed, cofounder and director of AHA!, a successful teen focused program, will be giving a workshop at this year’s Partnership for Excellence conference titled “What’s Not Being Said: Learning to Read and Manage Nonverbal Cues.” Her workshop aims to equip youth providers with skills to strengthen their abilities to connect with anyone in a deep and meaningful way through understanding clear communication preferences. Participants will be able to express themselves more clearly to others and feel more understood. Additionally, participants will take away convenient and quick ways to increase mood, attitude, and feelings for themselves and others. 

This workshop is especially powerful for people who need to work with others in order to achieve goals.  The communication skills discussed will immediately translate into appreciating people who communicate differently than others, and also help participants refine their messages so others will be more likely to listen.

This workshop is the perfect fit for those who enjoy learning by doing and sharing. Participants will be engaged immediately while learning the basics of NLP(communication strategies) and how they can be applied in every day communication. 

In the workforce, everyone is challenged to manage emotions under stress and deliver their opinions and needs in a way that elicits positive responses. This workshop is an opportunity to examine one’s style of communicating and enhance it so that when things get tough, communication becomes more effective.

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