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Since the early ‘90s, EDC and our partners have been working to secure long-term preservation for the Gaviota Coast. Stretching 76 miles long and one of California’s largest remaining continuous stretches of undeveloped rural coastlines, the Gaviota Coast is world renowned as a biodiversity hotspot and is one of the most ecologically diverse regions on the planet. Unfortunately, this beautiful stretch of our coast is threatened and we need your help today to urge the Planning Commission to recommend a Community Plan for the Gaviota Coast that ensures its pristine biological and cultural resources, rural character and public recreation and access are protected for many generations to come for the entire community.

Last month, the Draft Final Gaviota Coast Plan and Draft Final Environmental Impact Report were released, purporting to set forth the community’s vision for the future of the Gaviota Coast. However, EDC is disappointed that the Plan’s policies heavily favor development over preservation of resources and fail to preserve the Gaviota Coast for the entire community. 

3 ways you can help preserve the Gaviota Coast

  1. Speak up at the public hearing (View agenda, which will be posted next week)
  • What: Tell the Planning Commission that the Gaviota Coast deserves stronger resource protections and is valued by the entire Santa Barbara community.                   
  • When: September 14, 9AM
  • Where: Planning Commission Hearing Room, 123 East Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 
  1. Submit written comments: Copy and paste the following talking points and send them to David Villalobos by September 13, 9 AM:

Dear Honorable Commissioners,

The Gaviota Coast is an ecologically and culturally significant part of Santa Barbara’s community that must be preserved for future generations.  Please strengthen the Draft Gaviota Coast Plan’s policies:

Prohibit the use of all fracking, steam injection, and enhanced oil and gas recovery methods in the Gaviota Coast Plan area.  

When compared to Santa Barbara’s other community plans, the Gaviota Coast Plan contains several unprecedented policies that could allow for significant loss of wildlife habitats.  Please require sensitive habitats be identified and mapped so that they can be protected.

Please ensure all mountainous parcels are zoned for resource protections as they are in each of the County’s other community plans.  

Please ensure that it complies with the Coastal Act so it can be certified by the Coastal Commission. 

Thank you for taking the time necessary to ensure the Plan protects all of Gaviota’s precious resources for the entire community.   




3.Share this email with friends and family.

The Gaviota Coast belongs to all of us and we need everyone’s help to protect it today!


Alicia Roessler
Staff Attorney

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