Unique SBCC Holiday Market To Feature 70 Local Artists Dec. 1

Unique, handmade treasures just in time for holiday shopping will be available at SBCC School of Extended Learning annual Arts & Crafts Fair on Saturday, December 1. The event is held 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at SBCC’s Wake Campus, 300 N. Turnpike Road.

More than 70 local artists will showcase their unique ceramics, jewelry, glass arts, textiles and weaving, floral arrangements, drawings, paintings and more set at great prices. Visitors can shop at their leisure at the tranquil Wake Campus, which has plenty of free parking.

“Here is your chance to find a special gift with a story behind it that will truly be cherished,” said Andy Harper, Senior Director, SBCC School of Extended Learning. “We are excited to create community this season through this popular event, just as we create community all year long around learning for personal and professional growth.”

The Arts & Crafts Fair has more than a 20-year legacy and, each year, introduces the community to Extended Learning’s talented pool of artists, both students and instructors. Artists also look forward to the fair as a chance to share their work with the whole community.

For more information, visit sbcc.edu/ExtendedLearning.

About the SBCC School of Extended Learning

The School of Extended Learning responds to the diverse learning needs of the adult population in the Santa Barbara community by advancing career and life skills, and building bridges to credit. www.sbcc.edu/ExtendedLearning.

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