TV Santa Barbara hosting PSA Days for area nonprofits to record a PSA

Pass along to your favorite nonprofit in the Santa Barbara region.  Great opportunity to record a PSA.  At these rates, you can’t afford to not have a PSA recorded for your nonprofit organization.

Record a Public Service Announcement on March 19 or 20 for as low as $50

TV Santa Barbara is offering nonprofits located in or providing services within Santa Barbara County a chance to tape an up to 2 minute public service announcement in our Media Arts Center.  The spots will air on TV Santa Barbara for 2 months with an option to air for up to one year (with the purchase of an annual nonprofit membership at $150).  You will also receive a digital file or DVD of the PSA for use by your nonprofit organization.   Each nonprofit who signs up for a PSA will receive a 45 minute production timeslot and coaching from the TVSB Creative Services Team.  TVSB will contact you to schedule your specific taping time on October 19 or 20th.

Standard Package  $50: Includes 45 minutes studio time for taping, addition of a name graphic, logo and DVD or digital file copy.

Basic Package   $100:  Includes Basic Package plus addition of high-resolution images of your nonprofit programs/services that you provide to TVSB at the time of the taping

Advanced Package  $150: Includes Basic Package plus 1 hour of field production time for TVSB to shoot video footage of your nonprofit to be added to the studio PSA.

Super Package  $300: Includes Advanced Package plus a 30 second and 60 second version of the PSA.

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