State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey

Dear Nonprofit/Philanthropic Leader,

We are dedicated to supporting nonprofit leaders on the front lines and we want to better understand the current state of our nonprofit community who have been so critical in holding up the social safety net.

Over the last year our nonprofit sector has experienced extraordinary change. As we transition toward re-opening and rebuilding a new normal, it’s important to “check our vitals” and understand the current state of our sector.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take 20 minutes of your time to complete this important survey by May 7th. The survey is intended to be taken by one senior leader in your organization who has a full understanding of your operations (preferably the Executive Director or CEO). If there is someone better suited to respond, please forward this email.

The survey will ask questions about your organization’s services, COVID-19 impacts, financial health and other needs.

Your answers to these questions will be kept confidential by The Nonprofit Institute of the University of San Diego, who is administering the survey. Findings in sum will be shared and be leveraged by everyone in our sector to inform government officials, funders, media, and other crucial decision-makers so that:

  • The private and public sectors understand and value a robust nonprofit sector
  • There is a communitywide understanding of the state of the sector
  • To inform a collective agenda on knowledge, skills and resources needed to build capacity in our sector

Please complete this survey by May 7th:

Thank you in advance for helping us understand the state and needs of the sector so that we may better support you in the future.

Gary Clark, Director of the Collaboration for Social Impact

And with support from:

  • CSI Advisory Committee
  • The Nonprofit Council

For questions about the Collaboration for Social Impact and social sector events, please contact Gary Clark at

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