Stanford University Longevity and Aging Expert to Speak at SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning Mind & Supermind, April 18

Professor Walter Bortz, M.D., Scientific Expert on Longevity and Aging to discuss Dare To Be 100: The Plasticity of Human Aging


Santa Barbara, Calif., April 14, 2016— On April 18, SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning (the CLL) will host Dare To Be 100: The Plasticity of Human Aging with Stanford University professor and scientific expert on longevity and aging, Walter Bortz, M.D., as part of the acclaimed Mind & Supermind series. In this Mind & Supermind lecture, Dr. Bortz will discuss the plasticity of human aging.


“We are thrilled to welcome an expert of Dr. Bortz’ caliber to Santa Barbara through our popular, long-running Mind & Supermind series” said Andy Harper, SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning Executive Director. “Lifelong learning is the perfect backdrop for the community to explore with this top mind the discoveries and questions about longevity and active aging.”


As a scientific expert on aging and longevity, Dr. Bortz emphasizes that negative effects of aging are due to disuse rather than disease. “Use it or lose it” is what makes all the difference. He does not promise immortality – as everything in the Universe ages, “even stars, canyons and Chevies.” However, Dr. Bortz does offer a 99-step plan for keeping active mentally, spiritually and physically to reach a life expectancy of 100 – 120 years old.

At the age of 85, Dr. Bortz is a dedicated marathon runner who focuses on the importance of physical exercise. His advice stems from his experience as a primary care physician for numerous 100-year-old patients.


WHAT:             Professor Walter Bortz, M.D., Dare To Be 100: The Plasticity of Human Aging,
SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning Mind & Supermind Lecture

WHEN:             Monday, April 18th, 7:30 p.m.- 9:30 p.m.

WHERE:           Schott Campus, Tannahill Auditorium, 310 W. Padre Street, Santa Barbara


EVENT INFO:, (805) 687-0812

MEDIA CONTACT: Flannery Hill/Juliana Minsky, (805) 687-3322


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Course number: 202197

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