Shaman and Surgeon Explores Dream Interpretation at SBCC Center for Lifelong Learning

A western trained surgeon and initiated African shaman, CLL teacher David Cumes M.D. will share his unique perspective and training to explore how spirit guides script our dreams and how to interpret them.

 Are you a lucid dreamer who can be aware of being in a dream and make things materialize? There are no limits in a lucid dream, and the key is being able to recognize you are dreaming.

Try this surprising way to help you identify a dream, and come learn more about interpreting them Saturday at the CLL.

Believe you’re dreaming?

  • Look at your hands or feet. In a dream, they will appear distorted and not the same as they do in real time.
  • Before sleeping, study your hands and feet for a minute or two to remind yourself to do so in your dream.

Try it out!

Join us at the CLL to discuss several valid methods of dream interpretation; Subconscious, Jungian, Yogic and Shamanic. To Shamans and others working in the cosmic ‘Field’ a psychological interpretation of dreams is seriously limited. Dreams are often ‘instructional’ in nature and are a gateway to a ‘Field’ of non-localized space/time information through which our spirit guides help us. Dr. Cumes will help you discover how these methods differ, how spirit guides script our dreams and how to interpret them. Share your dreams with your classmates.

WHAT:             Dreams and How Spirit Guides Script Them

WHEN:             10 a.m.-noon Saturday July 8

WHERE:           Schott Campus, Schott Auditorium, 310 W. Padre Street, Santa Barbara


EVENT INFO:, (805) 687-0812

Please register here.

Course number: 21045

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