Santa Barbara Unified School District Superintendent, Cary Matsuoka, secures contract with What is LOVE to provide critical dating violence prevention programming to district schools.

75% of 7th grade students reported having a dating partner. This early dating forms the foundation for a lifetime of healthy or unhealthy relationships.

Unfortunately, teen dating abuse is all too common among students with most abuse occurring on school grounds

1 in 3 of our teens report experiencing dating abuse.

Our schools play a critical role in ensuring students have a safe school environment where students are not distracted by fear or disengaged from learning because of verbal, physical, emotional sexual or digital dating abuse. 

Our Mission: Promote healthy loving relationship skills and prevent dating abuse in our schools.

What is LOVE offers vital programming to ensure effective prevention to every school in Santa Barbara County. Our research-based prevention efforts:

  • Strengthen students’ social-emotional skills
  • Develop educator capacity to engage students and families in identifying abuse
  • Increase students’ ability to ask for help
  • Connect students to resources

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