Santa Barbara Marches to Bring Families Together

Families Belong Together March represents local resistance against a moral crisis

[SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., June 27, 2018—] People across Santa Barbara will march on State St. this Saturday, June 30, to protest the Trump Administration’s policy of separating families at the US-Mexico border. The march is one of 600+ Families Belong Together marches being organized by parents, grandparents and neighbors in cities across the country.

The Administration’s zero-tolerance policy detains families without due process. Children are still imprisoned indefinitely, and no reunification is planned for thousands of separated families. A federal judge ruled against Trump’s family separation policy, but we know the administration will fight back. The court ruling alone isn’t enough and could be overturned. By marching, we challenge the criminalization of immigrants and asylum seekers. Californians demand a system that keeps families together, free, and with dignity.

The Santa Barbara Families Belong Together rally begins at 11 a.m. in De La Guerra Plaza, Santa Barbara, with speakers addressing the impact on our local community and human rights, plus tables presenting information and donation opportunities. Protesters will march peacefully on State St. and conclude back at De La Guerra Plaza for personal discussions.

Local activists hope the plight of families will move neighbors to join the march.

“When I was 3, my mother and I immigrated to America from Peru,” said Nicolle Yaranga, a Families Belong Together volunteer. “I understand the fear these kids feel when entering a new country. I had the luxury of always being by my mom’s side. I joined this march because I want people to understand the absolute terror these children are going through.”

The Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee (SBWPC) is partnering to support this march.

“It is an unconscionable disgrace to have tender age children being ripped away from their parents and being put in metal cages being passed by this administration as “summer camps,” said Christina Pizarro, an SBWPC executive board member. “This is not the America we envisioned, these inhumane actions are incongruent with the values of freedom and equality we hold dear. We must correct this systematic failure immediately.”

The Families Belong Together march is a community-driven event organized by local volunteers. The June 30 protest will build on the movement efforts of the 2017 Santa Barbara Women’s March, during which 10,000 people filled downtown State St.

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