Santa Barbara Channelkeeper and Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. Team Up to Promote Water Conservation


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Santa Barbara Channelkeeper and Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. Team Up to Promote Water Conservation

Learn how to convert used beer barrels to rain barrels at a free public event on February 8

February 4, 2015 (Santa Barbara, CA) — Local non-profit Santa Barbara Channelkeeper is teaming up with local brewery Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. (FigMtnBrew) to promote water conservation by co-hosting a public event on Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 11:00 AM at FigMtnBrew’s Santa Barbara location, 137 Anacapa Street, to demonstrate how to convert beer barrels into rain barrels. FigMtnBrew has donated several oak barrels used in the beer-making process to Channelkeeper, and Channelkeeper has purchased simple conversion kits which it will distribute and show event attendees how to install to convert the 60-gallon beer barrels to water-saving rain barrels.

Rain barrels are a multi-benefit water conservation tool that promotes water reuse while also reducing stormwater runoff, the number one source of water pollution in our area. The barrels collect and store rainwater from rooftops—which would otherwise pour directly off the roof or flow through roof gutter downspouts and become stormwater runoff—to use later for watering plants and gardens.

In response to the current drought, Channelkeeper has been working to promote water conservation through a combination of advocacy, education and outreach efforts. FigMtnBrew continually uses water conservation tactics in their brewing process to avoid wasting water. The two groups are joining forces to raise the profile of water conservation among beer drinkers and anyone else who wants to do their part to help alleviate the drought.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with FigMtnBrew to recycle used barrels and turn them into attractive water-saving devices that anyone can use,” said Kira Redmond, Executive Director of Santa Barbara Channelkeeper. “This is such a cool and innovative way for us to spread the word about water conservation to a broader audience and to give people who want to make a difference an easy tool to conserve water, save money and prevent pollution at the same time.”

Director of Brewery Operations, Michael Hastings, is a strong proponent of water conservation. “Fig works to protect and restore the health of our watersheds because clean water is essential to great beer and our quality of life,” Hasting explains. “FigMtnBrew has a track record of striving to reduce, reuse and conserve water. Our partnership with Channelkeeper is a fun way to help connect the dots between stream and keg and between sustainability and profitability.”

FigMtnBrew will also donate a percentage of sales of their Paradise Road Pilsner sold on the day of the event to Channelkeeper.

While all barrels donated by FigMtnBrew this time around are already reserved—Channelkeeper is selling them for $100—the two groups plan to continue the partnership and distribute more barrels to interested citizens when the brewery has more used barrels to donate later this year.


About Santa Barbara Channelkeeper:

Santa Barbara Channelkeeper is dedicated to protecting and restoring the Santa Barbara Channel and its watersheds through science-based advocacy, education, field work and enforcement. To learn more about Channelkeeper, visit

About Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.:

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. was founded by father and son team, Jim and Jaime Dietenhofer, in 2010. With a passion for craft beer, they set out to pay homage to the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley with handcrafted beer and hand-drawn artwork depicting the local landscape on their labels. There are currently four taprooms in Santa Barbara County and more set to open soon in surrounding areas. Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. beer can be found in their taprooms or at select retailers and restaurants throughout California. Learn more about #FigMtnBrew or where to find their beer at

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