March 20th meeting minutes

March 20th meeting minutes

Santa Barbara Food Alliance ( March 20th Meeting)

Short Version of meeting minutes below

Presentation-style version in the PDF below


  1. Name and Identity
  2. 2 Grant
  3. Coordinator hiring – Kody Burke
  4. California Food Policy Council and legislative update
  5. Other updates
  6. Communication Tools
  7. May Community Networking Event


Important Points: Things we have catalyzed in the past

  • Richard Conlin (Seattle) – workshop and public event
  • Revival of a local “food policy council” that was dead
  • Larry Yee Food Commons dialogues
  • Food Safety Modernization Act training / advocacy (with CAFF experts)
  • Health department meetings for producers
  • Distribution System meetings
  • Adoption of Healthy Eating, Active Living (HEAL) resolution by City Council
  • CEC / FoodBank Food Action Plan project
  • Membership on the California Food Policy Council


 –Full adoption of Nonprofit Resource network

– Facebook as a group meeting spot and easy assess for members and newly interested individuals

– Mail chimp for our mailing list


Earth Day – 4/25 and 4/26 – booth?!

CA Food Policy Council (hoped-for in SB on 4/30)SB Food Allies Networking – May: date, location TBC

May Networking Meeting


  1. Clarify what a broad range of individuals and organizations are doing in the food system
  2. Initiate relationships between people who may not know each other directly
  3. Position the SB Food Alliance as a channel for community food advocacy and set us up for success.

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