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Cox Cares Foundation to Award

$10,000 in Grants to SANTA BARBARA Non-profits


Application deadline is August 25, 2015

(Santa Barbara) August 3, 2015 – The Cox Cares Foundation will award $10,000 in grants to Santa Barbara non-profit organizations to support initiatives that focus on youth, education, military, and conservation & sustainability.

Applications are currently being accepted online at and must be submitted by 5 p.m. on August 25, 2015. Winners will be notified October 12.

The Cox Cares Foundation Advisory Board, made up of 14 Cox employee volunteers, will consider requests of $500 – $2,500. All grant recipients will also be eligible to compete in a $5K Giveaway for the chance to win an additional $5,000.

In order to apply, organizations must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization;
  • Be located or provide services in Santa Barbara;
  • Show measurable results from the program and complete a post grant evaluation form;
  • Provide information on program outreach components including website and social media;

This will be the Foundation’s third year awarding local nonprofit grants to organizations committed to the Santa Barbara community. Among those awarded in 2014 include Explore Ecology and the Santa Barbara Y:

With the support of a $1,000 Cox Cares Nonprofit Grant, the Explore Ecology school garden program was able to connect over 8,000 local students across 35 schools with their environment and their food through weekly, hands on lessons in the garden. Students and teachers utilize the garden as an outdoor classroom, where learning spans all areas of instruction; science, math, language arts, engineering, art, and many more. Students plant a seed, care for it, study it, watch it grow and ultimately eat the fruits of their labor.

Explore Ecology Garden Educator Bianca Pisano tells a garden success story: “After what seemed like forever, we finally had a full grown, beautiful broccoli head to harvest. The kids cheered as we cut the broccoli from its stem and waited anxiously as I prepared the Summerland Salad. Almost everyone in the school wanted to try their homegrown Summerland Salad and many came back begging for seconds and thirds. The teachers were amazed by how excited the kids were to eat salad since most of them won’t eat touch it when it comes with lunch. We are all looking forward to seeing how this excitement for healthy food will manifest in their daily lives.”

At the new Haley Street Youth and Family Y, the $1,000 Cox Cares Nonprofit Grant made possible an eight-week Youth Poetry Writing Workshop for youth ages 12 to 17. Being exposed to poetry dealing with issues of Chicano identity, the youths found inspiration to produce original poetry of their own. In a neighborhood where many parents have to work multiple jobs, kids need a place to go where they are safe and taken care of, but a place that does not cost a lot of money.

Haley Street Y member, Antonia Velasco, says “Me motiva a continuar trabajando mejorar mi propia salud y bienestar por que me siento muy bien haciendo ejercicio. Estoy muy contenta y porque estan mis ninos con migo. Desde que empezando venir al Y he aprendido mucho sobre actividades. Es un lugar muy seguro. Gracias.

I am motivated to continue working to improve my health and wellness because I feel very good when exercising. I am very happy because I have my children here with me. Since I have been coming to the Y I have learned a lot about being active. It is a very safe place. Thank you.”


About Cox Cares Foundation: The philanthropic arm of Cox Communications, the Cox Cares Foundation, is funded by employee payroll donations that are matched by the company. The foundation provides scholarships to students, grants to non-profit organizations, and funds programs that improve the quality of life for children and families throughout Southern California. For more information about the Cox Cares Foundation, visit

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