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Older Adults Technology Services (OATS) harnesses the power of technology to change the way seniors age. OATS is a social impact organization that helps seniors use technology to improve their health, finances, social engagement, learning and creative expression.

This guide lists many helpful groups and services specifically for seniors living in Southern California. The guide includes organizations and services for home modifications, installations and repairs, senior buddy programs, and senior centers in SoCal. covers important information and resources for all seniors. Topics such as Medicare, nursing home comparisons, social security, and other important resources for seniors are listed.

Aging in place is an attractive option for many seniors and retirees who value independence and living on their own. According to AARP, 90% of adults 65 and older would want to remain at home as they get older. But many factors can impact the safety and feasibility of remaining in those homes.
Before committing to aging in place, it is important to evaluate one’s individual needs as well as the safety of a home, to determine if it is the best fit for future living.
The three resources listed below provide important checklists for deciding if aging in place is the best option for seniors.

Checklist for Aging in Place

Home Safety Tips

The Boomer’s Roadmap

CAUSE surveyed over 500 farmworkers in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties about issues like rest breaks, pesticide exposure, unpaid wages, and access to drinking water. We found high levels of extreme overwork, wage theft, and unhealthy and unsafe working conditions.

2017 Millenial Impact Report

The presidential election of 2016 may well have been a watershed moment for how millennials engage with causes and view activism. Regardless of whether or how they voted, millennials are now part of an often-contentious cause landscape that seems far removed from pre-election days. Achieve, with support from the Case Foundation, has studied millennial cause engagement since 2009. Research for The Millennial Impact Project, the nation’s most comprehensive and trusted body of research on the millennial generation (born 1980-2000), has involved more than 100,000 millennials and The Millennial Impact Report, published annually. Our goal is to better inform all sectors about the best methods of engaging with this influential generation through the causes they care about. As we studied millennials during the election for last year’s Millennial Impact Report, we discovered our hypotheses – political ideologies and heightened attention to social problems would influence and increase cause-related engagement during the political season – didn’t prove to be true. In fact, we found that millennial behaviors were far more muted and passive than we anticipated. We also found that millennials were quietly redefining terms long accepted in the cause and philanthropy space: Activist. Cause. Social issue. Ideology. Inspired by the 2016 Millennial Impact Report we are taking more direct cues from millennials themselves in our 2017 annual exploration. Our aim this year is to create a genuine, active dialogue among and between millennials and organizations about cause engagement and approaches to solving societal challenges. This report shares revelations from the first phase of a three-phase mixed-methods research study. Even in this early qualitative phase, we have found evidence that today’s evolving political and social climate is changing the cause behavior of millennials. As we progress in this environment of energized and active cause engagement – from national marches to massive boosts in donations to invigorated outreach to elected representatives – it’s imperative to accurately capture how millennials perceive and define their own cause engagement and what it means not only for philanthropy but also the social good sector in this decade.

Getting Students Kindergarten Ready:
Expanded Transitional Kindergarten

An additional local option for school districts to serve more 4 year olds in TK.