CALPIRG’s lead campaign this year is “Santa Barbara GO SOLAR.” Right now across the state, 80% of our energy comes from fossil fuels, which pollute the air and contribute to global warming. The ultimate goal of the Solar campaign is to create local legislation for Santa Barbara county to receive 20% of its energy from solar by 2020.
CALPIRG has already met with some interested organizations to discuss their plans. At this point, we still need to identify a City Council member to champion the legislation.
In order to achieve such step, CALPIRG will be holding a press conference. This press conference will serve to celebrate the installation and usage of UCSB’s first solar panel as well as clean and powerful solar energy. More specifically, we plan to have representatives of different organizations, such as EAB, to speak in favor of solar as part of the celebration. You are formally invited to attend and take part in the press conference. CALPIRG is holding a press conference Monday, December 8th at 10am in the lot 22 lawn at UCSB.
Please come out and support and show your love for solar energy!

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