Posting Guidelines

Draft Community Posting Guidelines

Please note, these are draft guidelines. As you learn how to use NPRN over the coming months, please share your thoughts about these guidelines.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that everything posted at can be viewed by the public. NPRN is not responsible for the accuracy and veracity of any type of post on NPRN. Only those who create profiles at NPRN can post to this website.

NPRN offers the nonprofit community an easy and useful way to share, communicate, and learn. With this service comes the need to create guidelines for people to communicate in smart, respectful ways.

  1. NPRN is a place for people to share information, news, events and more in a respectful, positive and tolerant manner.
  2. NPRN staff has the right to delete any comments or ban any member that violates NPRN posting guidelines.
  3. Activity Posts: Please connect with other NPRN members by simply putting @nprnusername. They will receive an automatic email showing your post. Post links, videos and pictures for the entire community to view.

    a. Do Post: Cool articles, pictures from your event, links to important new posts on your blog, event posters, give shout outs to fellow NPRN members, respond to other people’s posts and so much more.

    b. Don’t Post: Rumors, innuendo, personnel issues, political endorsements, and spam.