Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation Welcomes Gen. William J. Begert as New Board Member


Santa Barbara, Calif., July 7, 2017 — Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation (PCVF) welcomes Gen. William J. Begert to the Board of Directors.  Begert bring years of experience in the United States Air Force to the board.


Begert graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1968 and served until his retirement in 2004.  Throughout his service, he flew more than 300 combat missions during the Vietnam War, acquired more than 875 combat hours, commanded a flying squadron and two Air Force wings, and was responsible for a command that supported 55,500 Air Force members across the globe.  Some of his awards include receiving the Legion of Merit twice, two Distinguished Flying Cross awards, and 12 Air Medals.  


In 2005, Begert was named Vice President for Military International Programs & Business Development with Pratt & Whitney. Begert is originally from Lewiston, Maine.  He is married to Joanna Feeley.  They have a son, Bill, and a daughter, Kary, and two grandchildren.  



About Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation

Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation is committed to honoring the men and women who have served in U.S. military efforts. PCVF does this by supporting veterans and active duty members, families, and related partner organizations, in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties as well as preserving military history and legacy. The Foundation works to uphold Pierre Claeyssen’s vision that those who have served are “Never Forgotten.”  PCVF is funded entirely by private donations. To donate, volunteer and find out more about PCVF, visit www.pcvf.org or call (805) 259-4394

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