One talk, on one day, can change someone’s life.

– Kymberlee Weil, Strategic Samurai

Cultivating relationships and dialogue is vital to a clearer understanding of our county, its issues and our potential.
Opening county-wide conversations encourages resource-sharing and increases collaboration. With storytelling and diverse perspectives we may strengthen bonds between funders, advocates,and leaders  and ensure more shared vision for our communities.

How do we connect and build vision in Santa Barbara County?
What might we do better together?

Imagine initiating a conversation you’d like to host/co-host and continue with others who share your passion for the topic.
The PFE program centers around just that: Ignite Talks and Community Conversations where you, the participants,
and the Ignite Talk speakers and Conversation (co)hosts! 


PFE Community Conversations are small group, topical discussions in the Sycamore Grove following PFE Ignite Talks.
These one-hour informal dialogues, outdoors in nature, will continue deeper exploration of Ignite Talk topics and open other focused ideas for listening to and learning from one another.

 There will be two Community Conversation sessions – in the morning and afternoon- building on our visions for Santa Barbara County.
Conversations ideally will convene no more than 15 individuals and may contain as few as two.

There will be two sources for Conversation topics:

 1) Selected Ignite Talk speakers will transition to host their topic as Community  Conversations – for interaction and deeper group discussion of the topic presented

2) Selected Community Conversation topics will also be hosted by registrants/groups who submit topics in advance.

Are you an aspiring Conversation host/co-host?

PFE registrants are invited to submit a Community Conversation topic(s) you wish to host.

New this year, propose-in-pairs

You may partner with another funder, staff member, board member, foundation officer, or colleague from another
organization to co-host a Community Conversation. Funder and grantee partners are encouraged to submit as a pair.

Pose a fresh topic, or choose to continue/expand a discussion or focused-group you may have started with funders or colleagues over the past year. Consider too, how has your leadership, funding, programming or organization pivoted as a result of last year’s Partnership for Excellence or other resources and collaborations?
This is truly your best opportunity to connect, share and explore with your colleagues — take advantage of it!

After reviewing all submissions, 15 or more topics will be chosen.
Selected Conversation hosts/co-hosts will receive support, orientation and coaching.
On April 22, Conversation hosts will gather and facilitate small group discussions at one of two sessions in the morning or afternoon.