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Developing and Leveraging Diverse Interpersonal Relationships to Tackle Even the Most Complex and Difficult Issues

Rabbi Evan Goodman, Santa Barbara Hillel

Julian Weissglass, Emeritus Professor UC Santa Barbara

Featuring UC Santa Barbara students:

  • Eddy Chikukwa
  • Niki Elyasi
  • Natalie Jordan

A politically, religiously, and culturally diverse group of UCSB student leaders traveled to Israel and the Palestinian Authority last summer. They expected to learn facts that would inform their decision making. In the end, their most important takeaway was increased ability to appreciate the perspectives of others. In this session, you will discover how this journey affected their personal lives and helped them tangibly improve the UCSB campus climate. There will be time for questions and answers about how to apply this concept to local organizations struggling to listen to diverse voices and opinions on a variety of topics today. 

Beyond Names and Numbers: Building a Diverse, Inclusive and Effective Board

Co-facilitated by Jarrod Schwartz, Just Communities Judy Guillermo-Newton, Montecito Bank & Trust and numerous Santa Barbara nonprofit organizations

Featuring a panel of nonprofit executives and board members:

  • Dani Anderson, Independent Living Resource Center (Executive Director perspective
  • Annette Cordero, multiple boards (board member perspective)
  • Elsa Granados, Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center (Executive Director perspective)
  • Luis Villegas, multiple boards (board member perspective)

As demographics shift, nonprofit and foundation boards that reflect the diverse communities they serve are positioned to be more successful—and to enhance an organization’s ability to work with and be accountable to its constituencies. A diverse board unlocks new solutions and funding, and helps ensure a commitment to best practices.

Starting with a hands-on workshop, we’ll explore the challenges and benefits of an inclusive board. Participants will identify where their organizations stand on an inclusion continuum as well as effective next steps. Next, a panel of board members and executive directors will discuss diversity initiatives that have and haven’t worked.

Hidden Prejudices: How Implicit Bias Affects Our Work and Relationships

Dr. Carmel Saad, Westmont College

The importance of being aware of inequities in our world and our work calls on us to first more closely examine hidden prejudices in our own unconscious minds. Also known as implicit biases, they can affect how we treat others without us knowing it, and they can undermine our best intentions to treat others equally. 

This session explores how implicit biases affect important behaviors in organizational settings, why our brains gravitate toward these biases, how prevalent certain biases are in our society and what strategies can help reduce the impact of these biases on everyday decisions. Participants can reflect on how implicit biases affect service design and delivery, grant awards, board development, hiring and promotions and more.

Tools for Working and Living Better: Unlocking the Value of Personality and Working Style

Relly Nadler, True North Leadership, Inc.

Our objective is to develop harmonious relationships and to recognize, respect and value diversity. This interactive workshop poses the following questions to each participant: How do I view the world around me and within? What do I know or should know about my strengths and biases? What assumptions do people make about my personality style? How do I get my energy, take in information, make decisions and organize my life? What skills can I acquire to foster mutual respect and trust among those with whom I work and play? With an emphasis on individual personality styles, this workshop will provide tools to identify traits and work styles and stimulate discussion to enhance your relationships at work and home.

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