Partnership for Excellence 2019 – Ignite Presentation applications due Mar 15

Imagine hearing from your peers and funders about what’s happening, what’s shifting and what’s possible in our communities for good. And, imagine choosing a conversation you’d like to activate and continue with others who share your passion for the topic.

This year’s PFE program centers around just that: Ignite Presentations where you, the attendees, have the chance to be keynote speakers! If you have served on a panel for your mission or subsector expertise, been asked to tell more people about an effective collaborative project you’ve helped create, or are a community advocate who speaks often with a clear message of hope, you could be just the right fit.

PFE Ignite Presentations are brief, 4-5 minute perspectives focused on one topic; no visuals or powerpoints allowed. After reviewing all applications, 12-15 presentations will be selected. Selected Ignite Presenters will also co-host their topic for additional discussion with interested attendees during  Ignite Conversations sessions in the morning and/or afternoon.

There will be two Ignite Presentation sessions over the course of the day featuring inspired peer presentations to ignite ideas and creative, collective thinking around our visions for Santa Barbara County’s nonprofit community. All attendees will gather for both Ignite Presentation sessions at 10:00 a.m. and 1:45 p.m.

Selected Ignite Presenters will receive a orientation coaching and registration refund in appreciation for your PFE role.



Not ready to present, but interested in sharing a big idea? Hosting an Ignite Conversation might be the option for you!

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