Community Hosts Pancake Breakfast to Purchase Button-Activated Safety Light System


(Santa Barbara – March 16, 2017)

Foothill PTA has organized a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, April 8 from 8:00 – 11:00am, generously hosted at Community Covenant Church located at 5070 Cathedral Oaks. The goal of this event is to raise $9.000.00 to fund a new crosswalk light system to make the dangerous intersection at Cathedral Oaks and Ribera safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. The event is open to the public and costs $10.00 per person; tickets available the day of the event. This complete breakfast, prepared by Santa Barbara County Firefighters Local 2046 includes homemade pancakes, eggs, sausage, juice, and coffee. The Foothill PTA would like to thank 2nd District Supervisor Janet Wolf, Santa Barbara County Public Works department, Santa Barbara County Sheriffs, Santa Barbara County Firefighters, California Highway Patrol, COAST, Santa Barbara Charter School, Community Covenant Church, Goleta United School District, Goleta Family School, and Foothill Elementary School for their support and guidance.

“Our intent is to raise the necessary funds for these greatly needed safety enhancements,” said Bryant Henson, Foothill’s PTA President. “As our children grow and begin to spread their wings, road safety becomes of paramount importance. It is clear, as population density increases, instances such as these along the entire Cathedral Oaks corridor will increase,” Henson continued. “Cathedral Oaks is no longer the seldom-traveled road through orchards, it is a major commuter thoroughfare. We cannot wait for future funding, which may or may not materialize.”


Cathedral Oaks Road has a long and unfortunate history of vehicle accidents – many involving pedestrians and bicyclists. In 2006, Jake Boysel, a Foothill Elementary School alumni and La Colina Junior High School student, was struck and killed near Highway 154 as he was on his way to school. In 2012, Shuguang Lui, a grandmother, was struck and killed while crossing Cathedral Oaks at Santa Marguerita. Following this incident, safety enhancements were installed to improve that crosswalk. In December 2016, 12 year-old Peter Meagher, a Foothill alumni and La Colina student, was struck WITHIN the crosswalk at Cathedral Oaks and Ribera. This accident occurred near Jake Boysel’s photo, which hangs on Foothill’s perimeter fencing to serve as a public reminder to drive safely.

Foothill School crossing guards encounter near misses daily. One Foothill parent recounted 26 vehicles entering the crosswalk as she and her child crossed. Dustin McKibben, a Foothill parent of two, and County firefighter, has logged countless hours lobbying for the improvements that exist today including crucial crosswalk safety enhancements of the bulb outs and refuge island. However, more needs to be done.


For the safety of its faculty, students, and the community, Foothill PTA in collaboration with various County agencies, is seeking to install further improvements to the existing crosswalk on Cathedral Oaks at Ribera. A Button Activated Blinking Light System will help increase the visibility of pedestrians to drivers, thereby making the intersection more safe and secure. The Public Works department will provide installation and maintenance of the new light system, leaving the amount to be raised for the actual system at approximately $9,000.00 in total. We invite the community to attend this vital event or to make a donation in support of the new system.

For media inquiries or to arrange an interview with Foothill PTA President Bryant Henson, please contact Joni Kelly at 805-886-1869 or via email at For tickets and event information, please contact the office at Foothill Elementary at 805-681-1268.

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