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Pacifica Graduate Institute Alumni Association (PGIAA) is extremely excited to announce a new livestream event component of its annual global celebration, “A Toast Heard ‘Round the World” on New Year’s Eve.

On December 31st from 12-Noon to Midnight PGIAA and partners will LIVESTREAM a variety of entertainment, including Live Music performances, Poetry Readings, Dream Tending, Meditations, and more.

Each year Director of Alumni Relations and event organizer Dianne Travis-Teague invites members of the school’s global community to welcome in the new year together.  This year due to the pandemic and social distance regulations, people will be able to join the celebration from the comfort of their homes. Wherever in the world they are, PGIAA alumni and friends are encouraged to raise a glass and Tweet, Facebook, or Instagram their dreams for the coming year using the hashtag #ToastPacifica2021 from now until 12:00 Midnight on New Year’s Eve.

“We invite all Pacifica Alumni, friends, and likeminded others to join in celebrating the myriad ways that Pacificans around the world ‘tend the soul of the world,’” states Dianne Travis-Teague, touching on the association’s motto, “Through Soul Community Thrives” – Per Animam, Communitas Crescit.

“A TOAST HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD” entertainment begins at 12:00 p.m. with the traditional Welcome Ceremony followed by live music performances; poetry readings; dream tending; meditations; shamanic journeys; conversations (with Depth Psychology Alliance, OPUS, PGIAA Board, Regional Alumni Coordinators, and others); dance; a birthday/retirement celebration for Christine Downing; workshops; campus news updates; photography; mythic resources (Joseph Campbell Foundation, Myth Salons,, the Fates and Graces Mythologium); community service operations; In Memoriam for loved ones passed in 2020; the Per Animam Communitas Crescit Honoree Toasts; and a tribute to essential workers, first responders, teachers, and all hearts that stand strong to support others. Join the Livestream at or at

Pacifica Graduate Institute & PGIAA are especially proud to honor the remarkable men and women (including essential workers, first responders, teachers, and leaders) who stand with courage and compassion to do the essential work on behalf of all. This event will turn the PGIAA hearts toward standing strong in community to support each other with love during loss and looking inward to find the resilience and hope that buoys us up and connects us together.

The Alumni Association seeks not only to provide alumni and the global community with opportunities for personal and professional growth, but also to serve as a path for making positive changes within society through service and education.


About our “Toast Heard ‘Round the World” Partners

Depth Psychology Alliance is a global online village for discussion and development of Depth Psychology ideas and perspectives, as well as a place to connect with like-minded colleagues, old and new. Find a vast library of videos, blogposts, and community forums, as well as occasional live community conversations about relevant topics using a depth psychological perspective. Director James Newell, Ph.D. offers regular and ongoing college-level courses on various topics such as mythology, fairytales, alchemy, and astrology that may count toward a certificate in Depth Psychology. Find us at 


Depth Insights is home to the archives of Depth Insights Journal, podcast interviews by Bonnie Bright, Ph.D., and the new (2020) Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching. Our content, education, coaching, and coach training programs are grounded in soul-centered psychologies, including depth, Jungian, transpersonal, archetypal, and ecopsychologies. Just as the honeybee, with her multiple eyes and thousands of lenses, can see a spectrum of reality beyond what humans can conceive, we engage the powerful perspective of soul-centered psychologies to see beneath the surface of things and understand the archetypal patterns at work, opening us to transformation and joy. Learn more at


Jung Platform   At Jung Platform we are creating Jungian, depth psychological and spirituality related content by bringing together great teachers. We then develop programs which offer insights that are relevant for our world and which are accessible to a worldwide audience. We also provide temporary platforms of connection. These help participants and teachers to connect and engage, but also help course participants to connect with each other. Through our content and offerings, we aim to offer unique insights, support and practical guidance for the journey of life. Visit to learn more.


PGIAA incorporated on April 17, 2013 as a California 501(c) Nonprofit Corporation for the purpose of developing an operational and charitable membership association supporting both the alumni of Pacifica Graduate Institute and the wider community in pursuit of developing their intellectual, spiritual, altruistic, and professional capabilities.

Established in 1976 and treasuring over 4700 graduates, Pacifica Graduate Institute is an accredited graduate school offering master’s and doctoral degree programs framed in the traditions of depth psychology.

Further information is also available at the association’s website,

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