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Sweetwater Collaborative


Sweetwater Collaborative is a local Santa Barbara nonprofit that was founded in January 2013. We became a 501c3 tax exempt organization in May 2017.

We focus on water wise education and re-landscaping, through classes, presentations and community hands-on workshops where we install sustainable features like rain gardens, greywater systems, rain tanks, foot forests and Mediterranean or native landscapes.

  • We emphasis keeping or putting carbon in the soil by increasing soil biology and permeability through the combination of mulch, rainwater, compost tea and appropriate plants.
  • Once or twice a year, we offer Sweet Water Wise Tours of properties that we have helped to transform with beautiful, water saving landscapes.
  • We aim to give the support and guidance that each community member needs to be able to make the water wise changes that are right for their context.
  • Sweetwater uses Sociocracy as our governance model which honors every member’s opinion and voice.

Since February 2016, Sweetwater has been offering Rainwater Harvesting 101 and Greywater 101 classes almost every month, co-sponsored by water agencies and/or governments in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Carpinteria. The classes run for an hour and a half and include basic concepts and how-to information about these practices. We also periodically give similar presentations for private groups and organizations.

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