NPRN User Guide


Nonprofit Resource Network of Santa Barbara County ( serves as the digital hub for Santa Barbara county’s social sector. NPRN’s mission is to connect organizations, funders, businesses and individuals so information and opportunities can flow through one central network, ultimately strengthening our region’s social sector. NPRN is completely free to use and offers the following features tailored to nonprofit organizations:

Table Of Contents

Signing Up
Your Profile
Social Feed
Lost Your Password

Signing Up for NPRN

It’s completely free to register for NPRN. Registering as a member gives you access to the full suite of features that NPRN offers such as jobs, resources and posting news.

  1. To register, head to and click the green button reading SIGN UP.
  2. Choose the appropriate account type from the following four options: Individual, Organization/Agency, Funder, and Company.
  3. Enter your information. Similarly to Facebook, organizations, funders and companies should register one central account with a generic email address that multiple employees can access. This account should be set up to be passed down even if the person who registered the page leaves the organization/company/foundation.
  4. Choose an account username. Your account username is the name you will appear as on NPRN, so you should make it something recognizable such as your first and last name (i.e. johnsmith) or organization name (i.e. exploreecology).
  5. Press “register.” You will get a confirmation email and are now able to login with your username and password.

Your Profile

Your profile is how you will appear to other members of NPRN. To view and edit your profile, login to your account and access your profile page by hovering over your photo/logo in the upper right hand corner of the page.


To add or edit the information displayed on your profile, click edit next to view. Your profile page should be completely filled out so users know who you are, what services you offer, what type of grants you award, or other relevant information.

On your profile page, you can add or change your profile picture and cover image. Your profile picture is how you are recognized on NPRN. We recommend that nonprofits, companies and funders upload a logo while individuals upload a headshot. Your profile page is also where you view your notifications, messages, activity, friends, groups, forums, resources, classifieds, invites, and settings.



Messages are private notes you can send to any member on NPRN; they are viewable only by the person to whom they’re sent and do not go into the social feed for viewing by your network of friends. Rather, each message goes into the recipient’s NPRN inbox which functions like a private email address. By default, messages also get forwarded to the external email address the user has provided to Facebook. To send a message, head to the profile page of the member you are trying to contact and click “Private Message”.


To check your sent message or your inbox, head to your profile. On the left page, there is a button reading “Messages.”


Social Feed

NPRNUserManual-socialfeedThe Social Feed, featured on the home page, is a message that you post via the publishing box that says “What’s New?” The publishing box (shown in the image above) appears at the top of NPRN’s home page. People use the social feed to communicate their activities, ask questions, post links to news stories, share photos and videos, and share the successes or hurdles they face in their organizations.  Your post will be visible to all NPRN members. Using the Social Feed is important to post to get to know other members and share information.

If you have a question about anything related to nonprofits, foundations, volunteer opportunities or the NPRN network, click on, “Question? Ask Ella.” Ella is one of the site managers and will respond to your query as soon as she can. Often times Ella will put you in contact with an individual or organization that will have an answer for you.

On your Social Feed, you can filter posts by clicking on all members, my friends, my groups, and mentions. This filters what posts are visible to you on your Social Feed and allows you to see updates from specific members instead of updates from the whole network of 3,000+ members.


If you’re view doesn’t have My Friends, My Groups or Mentions to the left of All Members, it is because you do not yet have friends, belong to any groups or have yet been mentioned. You can add friends by clicking the members tab and then typing in the user’s profile and clicking “Add Friend.”


Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is the best way to stay updated on upcoming nonprofit events in our county, as well as make sure that you are not scheduling any events on dates that already have major events scheduled, which may affect attendance.

You can view events on NPRN from the home page as well as the Calendar tab. The Events Calendar will show you all the events for the month. You can also scroll to the bottom of the page to jump to another month.


When on the Events Calendar, you can search for events by date. To add an event to the calendar, click “Post an event” on the top left of the page. Include as much information as you can in the event details when submitting your event, including a photo and contact info.


Cornerstone Community Room

The Cornerstone Community Room is a community meeting space available for use to local area nonprofit organizations and community groups and can only be booked through NPRN.


Located at 705 South McClelland, this well-appointed, flexible space can accommodate groups as small as 10 and as large as 75. The room is free of charge to qualified organizations thanks to the support of The Fund for Santa Barbara, The McCune Foundation, The Santa Barbara Foundation and Hutton Parker Foundation. To make a reservation request, you must be logged into NPRN.

  1. Once you are logged in, head to the Cornerstone reservation page under the calendar tab and read the Usage & Policy Agreement.
  2. Fill out and mail the Room Usage Agreement (note: you only need to fill out this form once for CCR files). Return the signed form and non-profit verification via email to or mail to “CCR C/O The Fund for Santa Barbara, 120 East Jones St, Ste 120, Santa Maria, CA 93454.
  3. Check to see if your desired date is available for reservation by hovering over your desired date in the calendar.
  4. If the time and date is available, please submit your requested date into the “Room Reservation Request” box on the right hand column next to the calendar and you will be prompted to enter all of your information.
  5. An email will automatically be sent to the Community Cornerstone Room Management team who will respond directly to you via email on the status of your requested reservation. If the reservation is granted, this time will be blocked out on the digital calendar below. Note: it takes 3 – 5 business days to process the request.

Please note, once your reservation is approved, it will appear in the specific Cornerstone calendar below as “Booked.”  If you want your event to appear in the global NPRN Calendar that is published in the weekly e-news, please also submit your event.


On the Jobs page, you can search for jobs and post jobs. You can add a job to the page by clicking on “Post a Job.”


Fill out all important details about the job, and include the link to apply in the Description.


When finished, click “Preview” at the bottom of the page. If all looks good, click submit listing. It will then show up in two places, on the home page and on the jobs page.


On the News page, you will find the latest news in the nonprofit community. You should also post your press releases to this page. This will ensure that you are getting your organization’s news in front of an audience that is engaged and interested in the work of the social sector. The newsletter is opened by 750+ individuals weekly.

You can post news from the home page as well as from the news page. Simply copy and paste your news or press release into the text box. Make sure to include a featured photo in your post. When finished, press submit news post.

Posting from the Home Page


Posting from the News Page


Member Search

NPRN’s Member Search is a powerful way to search for a certain segment of individuals. Looking for all of the funders awarding grants for conservation work in Santa Barbara county? All of the non-profit organizations in North County? Need to recruit volunteers for an upcoming event? Use member search. Here we use the example of need volunteers for an upcoming event:

  1. Go to the “Members” Page
  2. Click on “Individual” and “Offering to Volunteer”
  3.  There are nearly 200 individuals offering to volunteer on NPRN. Simply click on their profile and send a private message to with details about your event. This email will show up in their NPRN inbox as well as the email they used to register for NPRN.



One of the most important functions NPRN offers is our resource library which offers items that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function more effectively. Our resource section is a space to post and find annual reports, fundraising resources, how-to guides and more. Categorized by important topics such as fundraising, marketing, board of directors, evaluation, resources are mostly user generated content, making it an extremely powerful for our nonprofit community.

Have a resource that you want to post? Here’s some simple step by step directions.

  1. Click on the “Resources” button in the navigation bar on the home page
  2. Click “Create New Resource”
  3. Add a title and a short description of the resource OR post the resource directly into the content box. Some users add a short description of the document they are uploading, while others post the resource content directly into the content box.
  4. Press “Add Files” if you want to upload a document and then choose the document you want to upload from your computer
  5. You’ll be asked if you want to post your resource to an associated group, change the access or nest the resource under a parent. Don’t worry about any of those options if they don’t apply to your resource.
  6. Press “Save” and voila! The resource is uploaded to NPRN.


On the NPRN Classifieds Page, users can post or browse ads for electronics, furniture, gigs, miscellaneous, office space, professional services, supplies & materials, and volunteer.