Does registering for NPRN cost money?
No, NPRN is a free service and only takes a minute.
Who may join NPRN?
NPRN was created to support the non-profit community. We highly encourage boardmembers, staff, volunteers, funders, consultants, media and others who support or work in the nonprofit community to join and participate in this community.
Is NPRN viewable to the public/nonmembers?
Please note that everything posted at can be viewed by the public.  You can create private “Forums” or “Groups” whose content is only viewable to the member of that group. NPRN is not responsible for the accuracy and veracity of any type of post on NPRN. Only those who register and create a profile on NPRN can post to this website and comment on others posts.
What is “Ask Ella?”
“Ask Ella” is like a people powered ‘Google’ for the nonprofit community of Santa Barbara County.  Simply click on the “Ask Ella” icon in the Activity box and then type in your question and hit “Post update.”  Our team will do our best to respond within 24 hours with the answer to your question or refer you to others in the Santa Barbara Nonprofit community who can assist you.
How can I edit my event?

Go to your profile page: and then click on the “My Events” button to edit events you have already posted.

Where do I post my press releases or nonprofit news? and please include an image for maximum exposure.

Can I create private Groups?
Yes, you have the option of making your Groups and related forums/resources on NPRN private or public. As administrator, you can invite in whomever you wish within NPRN.
How can I receive the weekly NPRN email?
Anyone who creates a profile at will automatically receive the weekly email that features curated stories regionally and nationally about the nonprofit community.  Individuals and organizations who post their news/jobs/events on this website receive priority placement in the weekly email blasts to the nonprofit community.
How can I make sure my organization’s event is shared with the nonprofit community?
Log in to NPRN, go to the Calendar section and “Create an event.” The weekly emails to the NPRN community will list all events on the calendar for that given week with hyperlinks to that events website