Santa Barbara Nonprofit Sector Needs & Resources – COVID-19

Dear Nonprofit Community,

We asked you to share you questions, needs, events, and resources with us. We have now compiled those submissions and will be updating the following page regularly.

Please continue to submit your needs/inquires here and we will share them with Santa Barbara County Funding Organizations.


Posted Anonymously. If you would like to provide advice/resources, please reach out to and we will put you in touch with the inquiring party. 

  • FOOD INVENTORY: The need is for more food inventory primarily. Since the general shut-down of businesses in Santa Barbara we have experienced double the number of clients by year-over-year comparison and compared to the last two weeks. Half of our client visits are new clients, not ones that have been referred prior by our Referring Agency Network. This is an indication that hourly wage-earners who are not paid if they cannot work are becoming food insecure. This trend is almost guaranteed to increase so the ultimate need for food is unknown. We just affirm that more food items are needed.
  • WILL THERE BE ANY LOCAL / GOV’T AID TO COUNTY NON PROFITS? We had to temporarily (hopefully) let our entire staff go yesterday since we are having to issue massive refunds for programming – all our cash flow is running out. This could easily bankrupt us as a non profit.

  • SUPPLIES AND FOOD NEEDED: Our family homeless shelter housing up to 70 individuals (kids and parents) is now staying open during the daytime. Normally, we close from 8:30 am to 5 pm due to resource limitations and the fact that most kids are in school/connected to childcare referrals and their parents are either working, looking for work, or in case management. Our supplies are strained more than ever, and we are doing our best to get basics such as (yes, I know) toilet paper, clorox wipes, diapers, and powdered milk. Our normal suppliers are low or completely depleted in their inventory, local stores are overrun, and online purchasing has its limitations (though we are utilizing in bulk). We also have a challenge simply feeding people. Normally, we rely on volunteers to donate food AND provide service. But that is thrown off by social distancing recommendations. And with families spending more time at the shelter, we need assistance providing ROBUST offerings of food now more than ever. The priority is to keep our homeless shelter open, with families fed and appropriately cared for. If there is anyway we can get immediate or close to immediate assistance getting supplies and food for our families, that would be deeply, deeply appreciated.
  • VOLUNTEERS, CANNED GOODS/FOOD, CLEANING SUPPLIES NEEDED: Volunteers  to help clean the building and sort food bags. Canned Goods/Food for Social Services.  Cleaning Supplies
  • SHELTER SPACE + PROGRAM CAPACITY (for adult survivors of brain injury):  Are there other nonprofit day programs that are remaining open, accepting new clients, and would be appropriate for adult survivors of brain injury? We have several members who are homeless and sleep in shelters at night; are any shelters extending their hours?


  • RicciAssociates
    As a consultant, coach, and former foundation capacity builder as well as nonprofit executive director, happy to lend a hand and ear to connect with you on developing strategies to respond and remain effective during these challenging times. I’m paying this forward and happy to assist you with a one-time consultation.
  • American Heart Association
    SUGGESTED SHOPPING LIST Trying to avoid crowds as a precaution against coronavirus may mean eating at home more. Stock up on healthy, affordable staples, and choose options with the least amount of added salt and sugar. Some ideas to add to your shopping list. Also posted are healthy tips and videos on meal prep.
  • Girls Rock SB
    ONLINE CLASSES FOR 5TH-12TH GRADERS – We will be offering a plethora of live online classes starting mon March 16 for 5-12th graders , co-Ed via zoom by suggested donation direct to our teachers . Classes will be available via our home page at 
  • The Salvation Army – 4849 Hollister Ave
    FOOD PANTRY OPEN – Wednesdays 10:00 am – 1:00 pm & 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm / Fridays 10:00 am – 1:00 pmALL DAY CHILDCARE – The well-being of our children, staff, and families that participate in our program is paramount. Accordingly, we have activated enhanced disinfecting and cleaning protocols. We understand that since school districts have closed until April this may place increased burden on the childcare needs of some of our families. We also know that the Boys and Girls Club and other programs have closed until April. Our program is small comparatively, with a capacity of 60. Therefore, we are going to follow the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department Guidelines as we continue to provide childcare for those who need it. If the guidelines change, we may have to suspend our program. Since there are no cases in Santa Barbara County the SBC Public Health Department are requesting precautionary measures be taken and we have already put these measures into place.
  • UC Santa Barbara
    BEST PRACTICES FOR FLEXIBLE WORK ARRANGEMENTS – UC Santa Barbara’s Information Technology unit has prepared an online guide to Best Practices for Flexible Work Arrangements.  While the site is tailored to University employees, there is a great deal of information that could be helpful to other organizations that are establishing or updating their flexible work arrangements.