National Disabilities Advocate Joins Board of Hillside House of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA, September 2nd, 2015 – Jim Wolfe, Board Chairman, and Craig Olson, Executive Director of Hillside House of Santa Barbara welcomed national disabilities advocate, Dr. Tom McCool, Ed.D. as the newest member of its Board of Directors. 


With more than 30 years experience working in the developmental disability field, Dr. McCool is best known for his leadership roles serving as President/CEO of Eden Autism Services and Vice President of Developmental and Government Affairs at Devereux. Currently, McCool is the President of TMC Consulting in which he provides management consultation services to promote quality programs and services for children and adults with special needs.


“I see this as a wonderful opportunity to not only help the board and the Santa Barbara community recognize the long history of quality services provided to Hillside House clients, but also engage in a process to insure long term quality and sustainability of services to this vulnerable population.” 


In 2005, Dr. McCool joined Eden Autism Services in Princeton, New Jersey as its CEO, and led the effort to design and build a model autism education facility.  Upon retiring from Eden Autism Services in Princeton, New Jersey, Dr. McCool returned to Santa Barbara in February this year. 


In October 2014, Dr. McCool was named President/CEO of the Qualified Applied Behavior Analysis (QABA) Credentialing Board, a national credentialing program that recognizes specific autism and behavioral training for staff. Dr. McCool co-founded several organizations including: National Association of Residential Providers for Adults with Autism (NARPAA), National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education Services (NCASES) and Autism Services Group (ASG); and has served as President of the Board of Directors for The National Association of Private Special Education Centers (NAPSEC).


Dr. McCool received a Doctor of Education degree at Fairleigh Dickson University in Teaneck, New Jersey while working at Devereux in Pennsylvania.  In 1985, Dr. McCool became the Director of Devereux California in response to the need for the development of autism services for both children and adults in California.  It was at Devereux California that Dr. McCool worked with Hillside House Executive Director, Craig Olson.


About Hillside House


Hillside House is a non-profit residential facility caring for 59 people with developmental disabilities, with levels of disability ranging from moderate to severe. Hillside House

offers around-the-clock nursing care as well as physical therapy, independent living skills, recreational and learning opportunities, individualized treatment programs and more, so that residents can reach for their highest potential and enjoy their lives to the fullest.


The mission of Hillside House is “to provide a home that supports our residents’ efforts to maximize their physical, cognitive, social and emotional abilities so that they can attain their highest level of independence in an environment where people are treated with dignity and respect.” 


For additional information, please contact Nicole Ramirez, Development Director of Hillside House at (805) 687-0788 ext. 115 or

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