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Sprout Up

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Our mission is to bring supplementary youth-to-youth environmental education programs to the public school system completely free of charge, building more sustainable communities from the youngest members of society up.Deep cuts to public education budgets across the country are drastically affecting how our nation’s youth develop and grow.Our nation lost over 300,000 teachers in the past four years, putting further strain on a public education system that is quickly dropping through the international rankings. Without the freedom to hire new teachers and staff to cope with growing enrollment, these problems will only get worse and more kids—our kids—will disengage, unless we do something.Compounding the issue of extreme budgetary pressure on the school system are the pending global environmental crises of our day: climate change, resource scarcity, land degradation, and water pollution, among many others. Our future is in peril. It’s vital that we educate and empower the next generation of leaders, and provide them with the knowledge and tools necessary to view their everyday choices through a lens of sustainability.<strong>Sprout Up was founded to do just that.</strong>Because we teach in public schools, we are able to reach kids & families of all backgrounds, including the most underserved populations of regions we teach in. By eliminating cost barriers and teaching environmental science in a way that is inclusive and accessible, we are able to extend the sustainability movement to children from a diverse range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. With this approach, Sprout Up unites kids and families of all demographics and lays the foundation for future leaders who will help bring society into harmony with the natural world.Beyond the children, we activate  hundreds of college students to volunteer and staff the program. We train our college students to be the strongest, most environmentally and socially conscious leaders they can be, creating the workforces next generation of professionals with a soul.By educating all levels of communities and members of all social backgrounds, Sprout Up is able to cultivate a complete community of environmental stewards with the capacity and motivation to act for the one thing that connects us all—the beautiful world we live in.

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Education, Environment, Families, Food, Agriculture & Nutrition, Public & Societal Benefit, Science & Technology, Youth Development

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Tanya Heravian

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Santa Barbara County – All, State Wide, National

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