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Steidl Consulting, Inc.

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<strong>DIGITAL MARKETING… </strong> Steidl Consulting can help you create a consistent message for your brand [content creation, graphic design/images, marketing materials]. We can assist you in identifying which social networks to utilize, and then create and optimize your profile. <strong>WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT…</strong> We can build your WordPress website OR we can work as your IT Liaison and improve communication and collaboration between your web developers and your staff. <strong>STREAMLINE TECHNOLOGY..</strong>. We can create an efficient system for staff to work more effectively. Set-up browsers, online calendars, update .applications and sync mobile devices in a way that is easy to manage both personal and business online communication. We understand user behavior and we will educate ourselves on how users interact with your site so that it is developed in a way that is both professional and user-friendly. <strong>PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT…  </strong>Steidl Consulting can help bring a fresh perspective by working with your team to expand and develop programs and integrate them into your current organizational structure. Assess and evaluate your current programs.  Identify strengths and weaknesses.    

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Families, Health, Human Services, Youth Development

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Rachael Steidl

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Santa Barbara County – South

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