Primary Organization

Lompoc Cooperative Development Project


Program Staff



My Interest Areas

Employment, Environment, Food, Agriculture & Nutrition, Philanthropy & Grantmaking Foundations, Science & Technology, Other

About Me

 I'm helping build economic opportunities for the residents of Lompoc and Northern Santa Barbara County. I create cooperative business that   help people help themselves out of poverty.  My focus is in aligning those businesses to provide goods and services needed to build a sustainable world. The next cooperative  we create goes beyond green P.R.; aims towards jobs that address economic justice through livable wages and equitable representation,My main tools are research and mentorship from the LCDP board. I also help organize our organization's annual event: The Santa Barbara County Co-op Festival. The festival packages fun, education, and opportunity in a free community event that delights.   We are currently seeking partnerships and sponsors to make this possible. I have a B.S. in Conservation Resource Studies and a masters in Environmental Studies. My goals are to integrate what I am most familiar with: Science, Technology, Environment, Food, into acquiring participation and support (mass, ally-ship, social, financial, etc)  for the work required in building cooperatives. I hope to use this platform to open a new possible future with the people already here.